ALERT: ‘Real Housewives Of Sydney’ Is Real & They’re Casting Right Now

For far too long, Australia’s premiere reality television show has been contained solely within the glittering realm of Melbourne life. Now, though, my friends – now, Sydney has a chance to re-assert its dominance. 

Because Foxtel and Arena are straight-up casting for Real Housewives Of Sydney, right bloody now. RIGHT NOW.

Our feelings regarding this development can be expressed thusly:

Will the newie ever find anyone to compare to the force of nature that is Gina Liano? Unlikely. Will they find a way to grind a series of increasingly-dominant personalities against each other for our pleasure? Most certainly. 

Details are pretty thin on the ground about the process, although a few names have already been kicked around.

If it’s anything like the lead-up to season 3 of Melbourne, it’s gonna be brutal. ‘Til we find out more, immerse yourself in this miniscule teaser and dream about the drama to be had. 

Arena / Facebook.
Photo: Arena / Facebook.