The Project Is Being Slammed For Baiting & Switching Us With Their Alec Baldwin Intv Tonight

alec baldwin the project interview

Ten’s The Project has seemingly baited and switched us with their interview with Alec Baldwin tonight.

Earlier today, the show announced on Twitter that they would be chatting with the Hollywood actor this evening. When I first saw this, I was confused. For starters, Baldwin hasn’t had any interviews with the press since the tragic incident on the Rust film set where he fired a prop gun that misfired and horrifically killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

Just yesterday, the production’s head of lighting, Serge Svetnoy, filed a lawsuit against Baldwin and others over claims of negligence, per TMZ. So, knowing that, why would he speak to the press? I mean, even if he was going to finally speak on it publicly, why would it be on an Australian talk show?

Well, as it turns out, the show’s producers failed to mention prior to the episode airing that the chat was filmed a month ago. Yep, that’s right. Instead of getting an update on the lawsuit, Baldwin’s mental state, and what he had to say about the tragedy, host Lisa Wilkinson asked about his kids, his views on former President of the United States Donald Trump, and his acting career. Huh?

“​​As investigators work to uncover what went wrong on the set of Alec Baldwin’s movie Rust, the actor was meant to be on his promotional tour for his new film, The Boss Baby: Business Family,” said Wilkinson seconds before the interview played on air.

“I caught up with Alec last month before the tragedy. We were not sure if we would broadcast the chat but we thought we would show you how good a place Alec was in just before Rust started.”

To make things more suspicious, the interview aired at the end of the hour-long program.

I’m sorry but I call straight-up bullshit here. How can an outlet knowingly do this in light of all the current news surrounding Baldwin right now? To me, it reads like a tactlessly cheap attempt at taking a tragedy and using it as an opportunity to get more views.

People on Twitter appear to be calling out Wilkinson and the show’s producers for running the interview, too.

“Pretty poor taste,” said one person on Twitter.

“You guys that hard up for content you couldn’t run something else?”

As another user put it: “Lisa Wilkinson, not your best move at this very sensitive time after the Rush gun calamity. Is this really the right time to promote an actor whose reputation is under a cloud?”

If you are curious what Alec Baldwin had to say about the horrific incident, you can read his statement here.