Alas, Australia’s Biggest Brothel That Never Was

This morning started like any other day. Eye rubbing. Coffee. Yawning. Pants. Reading the news. It was at that point of the daily routine when the ABC News dropped a headline that managed to simultaneously elicit a disappointed sigh and childish snicker:

The good news was that the ABC had made a hilarious dick joke! The bad news is that the Artazan Property Group’s proposal to redevelop the Stiletto bordello in Sydney’s inner-west has been unanimously rejected by the City Of Sydney Council. If the plans had been pulled off (ha!) it would have become the largest brothel in Australia, but the 10 council members voted against the expansion.

Clover Moore said: “Residents have told councillors about the impacts from traffic and antisocial behaviour. Those impacts are expected to increase if the size is doubled. It is the size I think that is of great concern.”

It is the size that is of great concern.