Alan Rickman Inhaling Helium In His Last Interview Is A Gift To Us All

Shitty things happen in threes, and this trio-of-loss is just about all we can take for at least the next 12 months: first Lemmy, then Bowie and now Rickman, all legends in their field and gone far, far too soon at the age of 69.
As the world / celebrities / Harry Potter alum all share their favourite memories of Severus Snape / Potions Master / the Half-Blood Prince on social media, we thought we’d share one of ours – coincidentally also Rickman’s last-ever interview.
You may remember us posting about his ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon‘ appearance back in June 2015, because it was so brill we rewatched it about 5,000 times just to hear him say “Harry Potter” in that incredible voice, under the influence of helium.
He stopped by the show with something of a bone to pick with Fallon – that being the fabled Rickman-Off the late-night host orchestrated with Benedict Cumberbatch, wherein the two traded impersonations of the late great’s silky-smooth vocals.

Armed with the ultimate in truth telling devices – helium-filled balloons – Rickman arrived ready to pry an explanation for their insolence outta Fallon.
The twosome proceeded to conduct the rest of the interview in chipmunk voices. It’s funny. It’s cheeky. It’s Rickman.
Vale Alan Rickman, 1946-2016.
Source: The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.