The fight for marriage equality has been an unending struggle for the LGBTQI community in Australia and as every day passes, our country falls further behind the eight-ball of inclusivity and acceptance. Hell, even the ultra-conservative southern states of America have beaten us to marriage equality. We’re slow. It’s infuriating. 

Overnight, a collective of companies (that you may have spotted striding up Oxford St in this year’s Mardi Gras) have come together for what is probably the largest corporate awareness campaign in our history.
Pipped as ‘Until We All Belong‘,  AirBnb have partnered with suit-land heavyweights QANTAS, ANZ Bank and others to produce a wearable campaign – a simple ‘acceptance’ ring with a small gap to symbolise the gap between folks who can get married, and those who cannot.
The acceptance ring is paired with a short video where everyday Australians detail what a ring means to them, and who they’re wearing it on their ring finger for.
The campaign also delves deeper into each person’s story with a series of short profiles, where they explain why marriage equality is something they want to see happen as soon as possible.
The rings are available through the site, but have been in super high demand. So you better get in quick if you wanna put a ring on it.
Photo: Airbnb.