“Ain’t Gon’ Be In No Fire”: Rare Individual’s Account Of Escape Is Fkn A+

Hello, Internet. How are you?

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve had ourselves a genuine, bonafide, no-foolin’ ridiculous/amazing TV interview to watch on repeat – but today? Today is a good day.
An interview from outside a fire in an apartment complex in Tulsa, Oklahoma has produced straight-up spun gold in the form of Michelle Dobyne, a resident of the building, who detailed her escape from the blaze to local TV station News 6.
The plucky young mother-of-three gathered her children and vamoosed from the building after being alerted to the danger – in her words, “things poppin’” – and told her story to reporters outside.
Fortunately none of the 100 residents were hurt in the blaze, so feel free to laugh your absolute bits off at this. Sweet Brown, you’ve got a contender.

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Stuff like this is basically a Bat Signal in the sky of the Internet for the Gregory Brothers. Watch that YouTube space. There’s a remix a-comin’.
Source: News.com.au.