Whilst it wouldn’t surprise us if it turned out that the fucked brown rat creature from 90s kids TV show ‘Agro’s Cartoon Connection‘ DID turn out to be problematic as hell, (I mean, everything else we once loved is), thankfully his pupeteer has today spoken out to confirm that no, Agro is not a bigot.

Oh, ok… cool?
Accusations that the coconut-with-a-monobrow looking motherfucker, who hosted the Logie award-winning weekday cartoon show from 1990 to 1997, was possibly jumping on the racist populist bandwagon arose when this image of him sporting a One Nation hat started circulating Twitter:
The photo, originally posted to One Nation candidate Rodney Hansen’s Facebook page, seems to show Agro (who we must at this juncture remind you is NOT a sentient being and is instead a two-decade old bunch of felt with a human hand up its arse), supporting the Queenslander in his attempt to win the seat of Morayfield.
Huffington Post Australia has thankfully cleared up this very 2017 mess, going straight to Agro’s longtime pupeteer and creator, Jamie Dunn, to set the record straight:

“He’s not running for One Nation, they’ve already got too many puppets in the ranks. Agro and I were walking around the Caboolture show a couple of months ago and a guy asked if Agro would put his cap on for a photo. It’s not an endorsement at all.”

PHEW. It’s ok guys. The weirdly blokey marsupial thing that introduced ‘Sailor Moon‘ to you each morning when you were seven is NOT a One Nation supporter. Very good… oh wait, there’s more?

“Agro is very refugee, indigenous, gay and lesbian friendly. I don’t think [One Nation] would be interested in him.”

I mean… sure. Thanks Agro?
There ya go. The man behind the cooked brown puppet thing (that you literally haven’t thought about for twenty years) reckons the fictional entity that inhabits it, is a progressive ally. We can all sleep just a bit sounder tonight.

Source: HuffPo Aus.
Photo: Facebook / Rodney Hansen.