Adele Fangirling On Our ‘Neighbours’ Set Is The Most British Thing Possible

Judging by her near-constant banter, Adele seemed to have a pretty decent time during her absolutely mammoth Australian tour. Regardless, a quick peek at her Instagram reveals it’s still better to meet your idols than to, you know, be one. 

In the most British move imaginable, the singer managed to dodge the crowds just long enough to visit the set of Neighbours while she was in Melbourne. The resulting photo is the most beautiful confluence of world-beating talent and humble Australiana that you’re likely to encounter.

(Side note: can she do the next rendition of the theme tune? Please?)

She didn’t just have a poke around an empty Ramsey Street, oh no. While visiting the actual suburb of Vermont South, Adele bumped into the soap’s cast and crew, who were only too keen to geek out about her presence. 

As if this wild Australia / UK cultural exchange wasn’t enough, the show is just about to air a slew of eps shot in London. Perf.

The only thing dampening this whole saga is the news that a new UK TV deal has stalled, putting the show’s enormous British fanbase in a precarious position. 

If only someone had the clout to do something about that…

Source and photo: Adele / Instagram.