Adele is known for her mid-show banter. It’s nothing short of impressive the way she can pack a stadium but still talk to the crowd like she’s in the backroom of a pub. 

Over the weekend, she casually dropped to her Brissy crowd that yep, she’s married now, to long-term partner Simon Konecki.

The notoriously private superstar has kept mum on her marital status to Konecki, despite being snapped wearing what looked like a wedding ring in December last year.

She dedicated her Album of the Year award at last month’s Grammys to “my husband and son”, but refused to be drawn into whether or not she actually meant Konecki.

But on Saturday night, she casually revealed that her devastating heartbreak anthem ‘Someone Like You‘ was about when she first met Konecki in 2011. 

“You know when you first meet someone, and everything about you just feels alive?” she said. “I wanted to go back to that and that’s what this song is about. It is sad, and it is heartbreaking, but it’s also about being grateful and blessed for the chance to have certain people in your lives.

“I was trying to remember how it was I felt at the beginning of the relationship that inspired that record because as bad as a break up can be, as bitter and horrible and messy as it can be, that feeling when you first fall for someone is the best feeling on earth, and I am addicted to that feeling.

“I am addicted to that feeling. Obviously I can’t go through with those feelings because I’m married now.”

During the concert on Saturday the 25 singer also took a punt at concerns the city’s public transport system wouldn’t deal with the extra strain of an Adele-sized crowd heading to The Gabba.

“I know there was a bit of controversy about me playing the Gabba,” she said. “I think they should shut up with their bloody moaning, fucking hell.

“Shut up! I come from fucking London. I’m happy to be in Brisbane.”

She plays Sydney this weekend, so look out for more Adele banter yarns next Monday.

Photo: Glenn Hunt / Getty.