WATCH: Adam Scott Reckons His Stepson Is Going To End The World In New Film

Handsome beta male Adam Scott unwittingly becomes the stepfather of the Antichrist in the trailer for his new Netflix horror-comedy project, ‘Little Evil‘.

With help from Turk from ‘Scrubs‘, Bridget Everett, Chris D’Elia and Clancy Brown, Scott as Gary tries to ascertain whether his six-year-old stepson, Lucas‘s level of dickishness is beyond the pale – and when the kid sets fire to a party clown and writes ‘RAPTURE’ backwards on the roof, the answer is resoundingly ‘Yes, oh god yes, please save the world, please now.’

When he finds out that Lucas was conceived while his new wife, Samantha (Evangeline Lilly), was in a doomsday cult, it kinda becomes his responsibility to save everyone from a child he reckons is straight outta hell, on earth “to rule mankind, and to bring on the end of the world as we know it“.

Beyond bringing up every reason some of us never intend to have little ones of our own, it also promises to throw out a few laughs, because both Scott and Everett are an immediate ‘MUST-WATCH’ in our books.

Little Evil‘ premieres on 1 September.