This Girl Unintentionally Singing Simple Plan To An FB Marketplace Seller Is Such A Vibe

No one has a clean slate when it comes to sending DMs on Facebook. We’ve all sent the wrong thing to the wrong group chat, or person, or posted it as a status accidentally (big Boomer areas).

[jwplayer QunZUtZ4]

But while you may have lived with the shame of sending your family group chat “fuck yeah let’s get munted tonight”, you have not experienced pure hell like Sarah, who managed to send herself singing Simple Plan‘s “Untitled” while hungover… to a woman on Facebook Marketplace she was trying to buy a dress from.

Credit: Supplied

Sarah originally posted the LOL scenario to the Bobo & Flex podcast community, and we got in touch with her for the full story.

“Okay, so the story is that I woke up at like 9.30am and was hungover as HELL (and honestly probably still drunk) and in my regular self-deprecating fashion I decided to share a personalised vid that encapsulated my mood with a friend,” she explained.

She said she chose the song because “I just felt like the lyrics really captured how I felt about my hangover” which is a big mood for me.

It gets better. After she sent the video and got the above response, she just completely blocked the seller in humiliation.

“But I REALLY STILL WANT THE DRESS so I am trying to source another friend who will act as broker and get it for me.”

By the way, she’s let us share the vid – check it out below:

[jwplayer EIxM2MT2]

She also said she managed to send the video not just to this seller, but also five other people.

“I think I was searching for a name in messenger and the residual drunkenness just totally fucked it. I was using the search bar function but then ended up sending it the other like 5 people that came up by accident.”

In great news, her friend did end up seeing it.

“Yes my friend DID eventually receive it and I feel extra value and humour was added by my colossal fuck up, so I think it’s fine.”

Just phenomenal stuff, what a way to deal with Hangover Sunday.