Netflix Just Picked Up A New Melbourne Comedy Series That Could’ve Been Scripted From Yr DMs

The ABC and Netflix are set to release a brand new Melbourne comedy series following three twentysomethings navigating the moral hellscape of modern existence, and pretty much torching their respective lives through various hoons and situations in the city. It’s called Why Are You Like This and it pretty much reads like a terrifyingly real biopic of myself and everyone that I know. Can’t fucken wait.

The six-parter series written by Naomi Higgins (who wrote for Get Krackin’), Aunty Donna’s Mark Bonnano, and illustrator/lawyer/internet pest Humyara Mahbub, follows Penny, Mia and Austin (played by Higgins, Olivia Junkeer, and Wil King respectively); three best mates as they fumble and demolish their way through life. It’s filled with situations that are alarmingly similar to mischief we’ve all found ourselves in at one time or another, and my God I can’t wait to cackle and cringe through it.

As a treat, the trailer for the incoming series has dropped, giving a great sneak peek into the chaos the trio will explore when the show premieres on February 16.

Please, just take some time out to watch this and try not to burst out laughing in public.

If this is all looking a bit familiar to you, you’re not losing your mind entirely – Why Are You Like This was originally part of the ABC & Screen Australia’s Fresh Blood pilot series back in 2018, where we were first introduced to Mia and Penny in a single episode of chaotic mess and moments of “oh god, same“.

After being green-lit in 2019, and fully fleshed out in all its gloriously awkward and hopeless glory over a pandemic-riddled 2020 (because chaos comes from chaos, right?), the Melbourne comedy series is set to hit Aussie screens through ABC TV Plus and iview on Feb 16, and will cop an international release through Netflix this year too.