A COVID-19 graph produced by the ABC has turned heads today due to the very particular placement of the graph’s origin beside a guy’s nether regions.

Let’s not beat around the bush, here – it looks like he’s wildly ejaculating. The hardest of news.

Reddit user u/Lbr0592 first drew attention the image, posting a screenshot of today’s ABC article alongside the caption ‘the ABC might want to work on their graph design…’ The image in question features a graph depicting various countries’ confirmed coronavirus cases over time since the outbreak… but the stats seem to be emanating from the poor (or lucky) guy’s penile area.

The ABC might want to work on their graph design… from australia

This graph obviously contains some very important stats, but now that I’ve noticed a guy doing a big, wild cum, I just can’t unsee it.

“I don’t think they need to work on it at all. They nailed it,” u/juegasiempre noted, speaking on the publication’s choice of image. I agree.

“They knew,” u/littlegreenrock added. I also agree.

I mean, cum on, how could you superimpose a graph on top of an image and not notice this…

But hey, I’m not complaining at all. If anything, the graphic design team deserve a raise for this ripper of a masterpiece.


Image: ABC & Reddit: u/Lbr0592