The ‘Bachie’ Gemini Chick Was “Absolutely Mortified” When Her Astrology Gaff Went Viral

She became the face of The Bachelor 2019 thanks to her astrological quip but while that made her the real MVP for me, an astrology nut, for contestant Abbie Chatfield, it was v. v. v. humiliating.

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In the viral promo clip, Matt Agnew tells the Queensland contender that he’s an astrophysicist, to which she responds, “OK, I’m a Gemini.”

The interaction was such TV gold that producers decided to use it to market the show and it ultimately went viral, even reaching as far as the States where it caught the attention of Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland who expressed her desire to watch the show based on that clip alone.

Now, Abbie has doubled down on the incident, revealing that she was “really upset” when she found out she was being used as the lead promo.

Abbie told that she and Matt had “similar senses of humour” and added, “He absolutely understood that it was a joke.”

“Obviously, a lot more happened off camera, and Matt and I had a really good laugh about it at the time,” she said.

The property analyst went on to say that she took issue with people assuming she was “dumb” because of her remark.

“Oh my god, at first I was absolutely mortified, and I was really upset,” she said about the promo.

“As time went on, I think people started to realise it was a joke. There were more and more comments flooding in (on social media) saying, ‘I think she’s kidding. I don’t think she’s that dumb. She’s a property analyst, so she can’t be stupid’.

“If I had actually mistaken his job for an astrologer then I would have been more embarrassed, but I know what happened, Matt knows what happened, the crew knows what happened, so it’s all good.”

Yesterday, while Agnew was doing the media ’rounds to promote the premiere of the season, he told Kyle and Jackie O that the Gemini comment was defs a joke and that he and Abbie have great banter.

“She’s very clever, very witty and loved to wind me up,” Matt told the shock jocks.

“Oh, so she was joking?” Kyle asked.

“Yeah. She knew how to wind me up, and you can see based on my reaction it landed particularly well on me, and she got the desired effect, I think,” the reality star said.

I know he’s a gentleman and all but the fact that he had Abbie’s back tells me that he has serious affection for her so perhaps she’s the one who wins his heart in the end?

Only time will tell.

The Bachelor airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on 10.