Abbie Chatfield Has Broken Her Silence On Rumours She & Konrad Split In A Lengthy Insta Spill

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Queen of our screens Abbie Chatfield has taken to Insta to address rumours regarding her alleged breakup with Konrad Bień-Stephen. Abbie was super candid in confirming that yes, she and Konrad had broken up. But no, it wasn’t due to their open relationship arrangement as some tabloid journos had suggested.

In a series of videos published to her Story on Saturday night, Abbie stated that “yeah, Konrad and I are broken up. We’ve been broken up for a couple of months now”.

“No one did anything bad or awful. There’s no drama to it.

“It’s not because we were in an open relationship. Nothing bad happened.”

The radio host-turned Masked Singer judge also opened up about the timing of her breakup confirmation.

“I wasn’t being deceitful by not telling people. There was a reason why (there was) a delay in telling you all.

“I just didn’t wanna be caught (by the) paparazzi seeing someone else.”

Abbie then hypothesised where her love life might go from here.

“Maybe I’ll see someone else. I probably won’t ever share my relationship publicly again to be honest,” she said before confirming that if she were to find another flame, she would “probably be in an open relationship again.”

Go off sis.

Just when you thought she was done, our gal is back for tea spill version 2.0.

“There are more than you would think… people in general but also in the public eye who are in open relationships (or) open marriages, or “monogamish” marriages that don’t speak about it because of journalism like this” Abbie said about a 1200-word opinion piece published by another Australian publication.

“I hope you’re happy with yourself perpetuating the idea that non-monogamy is bad and is doomed to fail. When in fact it isn’t, it’s a really clear set of boundaries.”

We bloody agree. Open relationships can totally be loving, valid and supportive.

If you’re curious about how to make your own relationship non-monogamous, you can suss out our cheeky explainer here.

In August, Abbie dropped a response to the initial batch of Konrad breakup rumours but declined to go into any more detail (as is her right) until he was home from overseas.

It’s no secret that Abbie’s been put through the wringer ever since her time on The Bachelor. After watching these Stories, it feels very full circle to see her taking control of the media narrative. We simply must stan.