Did I pick that lead because it focuses on who I think the final two will be? Yes, yes I did.

I yearn for the time Abbie Chatfield was just that viral gal from The Bachelor promos who told astrophysicist Matt Agnew she was a Gemini upon meeting. I yearn for it because I am fucking exhausted from the drama on this season of The Bachelor. Sometimes I simply cannot stand Abbie’s face, and other times I bloody love her! Because really, really, I don’t think she’s done anything… that wrong?

A number of girls have been vocal about Abbie throughout the season, including Matt’s best mate Kate who dropped in to suss out his potential boo. So I feel like when a bunch of people have been like, “G’day mate, watch out for Abbie, she’s kinda suss”, maybe something is indeed suss. But here we are – TOP FOUR – and Abbie is still on the show and Matt froths her.

So here’s what I did. I went back through all my exit interviews with the Bachie rejects and zero’d in on what they said about Abbie. There are like a billion cameras on these gals at all times and yet we haven’t seen a single second of Abbie being a total shithead about Matt, or going on about being Insta-Famous. Nothing! Nada! But according to the rejects, it’s another story when the cameras aren’t rolling. I just ???

A couple of the gals, like Vakoo, didn’t get involved in the drama but there were certainly others who had things to say. Let us begin.


I’m gonna throw it right back to the whole Dog-BLEEP saga of 2019, otherwise known as when Monique Morley may or may not have called Matt a “dog cunt.” It feels like so long ago but really, that whole thing went down three weeks ago. Bloody hell.

In short, Abbie blabbed to Matt about the c-bomb and Matt booted Monique from the mansion. So naturally she was salty.

“She is very calculated,” she told PTV. “She is very good at manipulating people and I think she puts on a colourful show. At the end of the day, she got one over me so that’s absolutely fine.”


Also, Monique threw a bloody spicy meatball out there when she claimed Abbie had said a whole lot of shit about Matt herself.

“There were many comments that she said in the house that if Matt knew about it, she wouldn’t be there a day longer,” she said. “And I’m not going to repeat it because it’s too personal but yeah look, I just thought, ‘Wow, you are so fake.’ And then she says she doesn’t want kids and then tells Matt she wants kids. It’s laughable.”


Cassandra Mamone wasn’t directly involved in the drama, but she did reckon there was something a little suss about Abbie and her “ability to turn it on when the camera’s rolling.”

“I don’t know what’s going on in her head or her heart, only she knows that,” she added. “All I can do is base this off my experience with her.”

You’d hope that she’s looking for love but yeah, she’s getting a lot of airtime and she’s loving it. Right now, it’s the Abbie Show so that’s why I think Abbie wanted to be on The Bachelor. 


I knew Mary Viturino was going to read Abbie for filth but HOO BOY, just wow. I asked Mary if she regretted saying all that she did about Abbie. Long story short, she did not.

Abbie is a player. Abbie is just unbelievable, that girl. I don’t take any of it back. You can clearly see that she’s in there because she wants to win a competition like Matt is the trophy. So I think she sees it like that and that’s not what it is. If you ‘win’ the show, you’re not going to win a prize or prize money. You’re going to win a relationship with a man who’s supposed to be the love of your life so I don’t take back anything that’s been said about Abbie because she is crazy.

She’s 23, she’s so young. As if she’s ready to be married and have kids. And she tells Matt that she is. So I think she tells Matt what he wants to hear.


Like clockwork, Sogand Mohtat picked up where Monique left off re: Abbie Needs To Go. But Sogand said producers had actually asked her how she felt about Abbie during her testimonies and she had just answered honestly. She didn’t go out of her way to say shit about Abbie.

“When [Abbie] confronted me I was being honest with her about how I felt,” she added.

And how does Sogand feel? WELL.

At the beginning she kept saying that she wasn’t interested in Matt and that he wasn’t exactly her type. Which is fine because not everyone is going to be fully drawn into him from day one. But then when we were on group dates or just hanging out with Matt, she seemed so interested and she would answer questions in a way that Matt wanted to hear.

Sogand said seeing Abbie with Matt was hard to stomach because “we had all developed feelings for this guy and we were being truthful and honest. And there she was playing that game.”

Sogand did try to reach out to Abbie post-filming to bury the hatchet but Abbie just straight up ghosted her. Which look, fair.


And then there’s sweet angel Kristen Czyszek who didn’t say a single negative thing about Abbie in her exit interview. Instead, Kristen reckons we’ve missed out on the real Abbie because of all the hoo-ha.

“I think that when they’re together, they genuinely have a very special connection. Abbie is a lot of fun and she captures the room with her presence,” Kristen said. “It’s really hard not to always want to be around her so I think Matt’s been able to see a really wonderful side to her that Australia hasn’t been able to see.”


Elly said her drama with Abbie – all of it – is “water under the bridge.”

“We’re on really good terms and we know what was said in the mansion and whatnot and it’s just all a part of this crazy, stressful environment that we’re in,” she shared. “It’s hard to explain ‘coz I don’t think anyone can really get what it’s like unless you’ve been in there but it’s just all water under the bridge, and it’s all good.”

And in case you were wondering, Elly did reveal why she was so suss about Abbie’s intentions.

“There were comments made about wanting to go on Bachelor in Paradise,” she explained. “In saying that so many people on The Bachelor go on BIP but at the time I was like, ‘How can you want to be with someone when you’re talking about another TV show?’

Is it editing? Jealousy? Pettiness? Manipulation? All of it?

To conclude: I still don’t know what the shit is going on.

Image: Network 10