A Video Message From ‘Community’: Returning Yesterday, Airing Someday

Before you get upset at the thought that Alison Brie might’ve lied to you when she told you Community would return on October 19th, just know that Alison Brie would never do anything to intentionally hurt you and that she loves you both very, very much. After NBC indefinitely rescheduled the show’s season four return date to “concentrate our promotional strength” on shows with considerably less of a cult following, the cast of Community have assembled to film the following video and explain that while you may think October 19th is a date, it’s actually a state of mind; at least, that is, according to The Powers That Be.

So here it is, a kind of reassuring, consolatory embrace to let you know that although they can’t be there right now, they’re thinking of you everyday and they’ll see you really soon, promise.