Victorian Liberal candidate Jack Lyons, a former publican who was standing for the marginal seat of Bendigo West in the upcoming state election, has dropped out of the race, after his deeply unfortunate use of social media came to light.

Earlier today, The Herald Sun alerted party officials to hundreds of racist, sexist and otherwise off-colour posts on Lyons’ Facebook page. Within hours, he had dropped out of the race, and all traces of his campaign are already vanishing from the internet.

Lyons’ Twitter and Facebook profiles have been deleted, and his official website is now a blank page, but suffice to say, The Herald Sun have managed to preserve some of his greatest hits for the sake of posterity.

Of a woman’s hair, Lyons said that it’s “a part of the blur above where her tits are.” Of his favourite pick-up line, he said “Hey, does this rag smell like chloroform to you?”

He described Bendigo’s Golden Dragon Museum as “ching chong gardens” and then went on to mock poverty in Africa, saying that people there should “build their huts closer to the fucking water” if they have to walk five miles to get it.

Liberal Party State Director Damien Mantach commented on Lyons’ resignation earlier, saying “his comments were written as jokes and were posted in a closed Facebook page some years before he became a member of the Liberal Party.” 

“However, Mr Lyons acknowledges the comments are juvenile and offensive. He has apologised unreservedly.”

It might be best just to look at this as natural selection in action, and be thankful that Mr Lyons’ own stupidity did him in before he ended up in a position of greater influence.

As the story unfolds, you may enjoy our Jack Lyons drinking game: Every time someone takes an outraged stand at how Aussies are a nation of softcocks who can’t take a joke anymore, drink until you no longer feel anything.

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