A ‘Stranger Things’ Easter Egg Will Turn Your Spotify Into The Upside Down

Time to get hyped, folks. Season 2 of Stranger Things is headed for your various device screens on Friday. That’s tomorrow. TOMORROW.

The hotly anticipated second season of the runaway Netflix smash hit has everyone practically fizzing with excitement, but even though it’s a mere 24-odd hours until the season drops, you don’t have to wait that long to get a little taste of the Upside Down.

As part of the on-going promo for the show, Netflix has managed to sneak a cool little easter egg of sorts into your Spotify experience.

If you hit up a Spotify web player – any browser will do – and fire up the Stranger Things soundtrack from either season one or two (yep, the second season soundtrack is already out), after a while the whole shebang will suddenly transport you to the dreaded Upside Down, with the play meter acting as your only guiding light through the spookiness.

The effect disappears if you so much as move a finger (or cursor), so keep your temptation to explore checked at the door.

The easter egg is also reportedly on the mobile and standalone app versions of the music streaming platform, though we were unable to get that going. Probably for the best, given what lurks beyond.


Still no justice for Barb, but. The sheer nerve of it all.

Stranger Things S2 hits Netflix from late tomorrow afternoon Australian time. Prep thine dacks.