We Now Know What Juicy Extras Are In The Extended Cut Of ‘A Star Is Born’

A Star Is Born

If you walked out of A Star Is Born thinking “oh boy, this movie was great, but it would have been even better if it had a scene where Ally rides a zipline as some kind of visual metaphor for her wild and dangerous love with Jackson,” then you’re in luck.

On Friday, a brand new cut of the film, entitled A Star Is Born Encore and featuring around 12 minutes of extra footage, landed in US cinemas for a limited week-long engagement, and fans are positively flipping out at all the extra scenes and added material.

What exactly is in this new version? Well, a lot of little things apparently. While it’s not in Australian cinemas yet, and there’s no word on when or if that might be happening, the New York Times sent a writer along to take note of the extra material.


Included in this new version are:

  • Extended performances and alternate takes of the songs ‘Black Eyes‘ and ‘Digging My Grave‘, as well as performances of ‘Is That Alright‘ and ‘Too Far Gone
  • An extended parking lot a capella of ‘Shallow
  • A scene of Ally and Jackson sitting on an empty stage, writing a song called ‘Clover‘, as originally teased in the trailers
  • An Ally and Jackson cover of ‘Midnight Special‘, recorded on a tour bus
  • A scene in which Ally rides a zipline across the front yard and then accidentally bops Jackson on the head with the handle, as also teased in trailers
  • More dialogue from Dave Chappelle‘s character
  • A scene where Ally checks out costumes for her coming world tour
  • More Grammys material, including a longer shot of Ally and Jackson in the shower
  • A scene where Ally sings for Jackson’s rehab counsellor
  • A slightly different version of the closing credits, featuring an alternate take of ‘Always Remember Us This Way‘ that includes new lyrics

Those are all the things the New York Times noticed. Is there more? I HAVE NO IDEA, THERE COULD BE, but I guess you’ll just have to wait until A Star Is Born Encore comes to cinemas, streaming or Blu-Ray in Australia to find out.