A New ‘Game Of Thrones’ Casting Just Squashed A Wildly Hopeful Fan Theory

First of all, may we offer our deepest apologies to every Game of Thrones fan desperate on seeing Daenerys‘ extremely hot former lover Daario Naharis back on screen.

Truly, this is a sad day.

We last saw Daario at the end of Season 6, when Dany dumped his ass to go and make hot incest babies with Jon Snow. (Don’t test me on it. That’s exactly what happened.)

But when Cersei sent Euron to collect the Golden Company – a strong military force available to the highest bidder – at the end of last season, some fans were hopeful it’d mean we’d be seeing Daario and his pert buttocks once again.

Hardcore fans will remember that Daario was a sellsword with the Second Sons before pledging himself to Dany. Now the Second Sons and the Golden Company are rivals, but some fans were speculating that Daario could infiltrate the mercenary army, travel with them to Westeros, and then sabotage them from within, all to serve his former queen. It was always a long shot, tbh; the Second Sons and the Golden Company are rivals, so it’s unlikely the latter would let a lieutenant from the former in their ranks.

But still, it was a nice theory… and now one that’s unlikely to come to fruition.

Watchers on the Wall reports that German actor Marc Rissman has been cast as a commander in the army named Harry Strickland, which has to be THE most normal name in the entire Game of Thrones universe.

His Spotlight CV also lists that he’ll work under “various” directors, meaning he’ll be in more than one episode.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Daario absolutely, definitely won’t return – old mate Gendry did after four seasons, after all – but it’s looking significantly less likely.

Still. Here’s Rissman in his role as a viking in the BBC‘s The Last Kingdom.

Looks like he could just slide straight onto the GoT from the BBC’s hair and makeup department, no?