A Louis Theroux Parody Account Is Making The Docos Of Your (Fever) Dreams

Shut everything down, the greatest creation of 2017 has arrived.

Introducing… the Louis Theroux bot, the Twitter account that takes the piss out of everyone’s favourite documentarian.

Set up by UK tech writer Andy Kelly, @louistherouxbot periodically tweets out stuff like “I’m in California to meet Adam, a former teacher turned shock jockey who believes Hitler wrote ‘Candle in the Wind‘,” and “I’m in Ireland to meet Josephine, a former haberdasher turned Guardian columnist who believes Guy Fieri was behind 9/11.”

Fans of Theroux will know the bloke will happily interview just about anyone, from people who believe in aliens to Scientologists, neo-Nazis, big game hunters, and members of the notorious Westboro Baptist Church.

This bot beautifully satirises that.

The bot only launched this month, but give it a follow to occasionally see the most utter nonsense in your timeline. (Except for the Guardian columnist who believes Guy Fieri did 9/11… I would pay exceptional money to see that.)

We tried reaching out to Kelly about the bot, but in the meantime, please enjoy some of his exceptional (and absurdist) creations.