‘A Knight’s Tale’ Adaptation Wants In On TV’s Game of Thrones Gold

Deadline are reporting that Battlestar Galactica’s executive producer Ron Moore is set to helm a small screen adaptation of 2001’s anachronism-riddled jousting stoush, A Knight’s Tale, which starred the late Heath Ledger as a 14th Century peasant posing as a knight to varying degrees of success/tousled hair-ness.

ABC America have bought the rights to the project, which is being described as a faithful adaptation of the original’s premise (aspiring squire chases after dreams of knighthood and ethnically-ambigious babe set to contemporary music soundtrack) because – and though it sadly escapes me – swords and chain mail are so hot right now, what with all the Games of Thrones, imminent Hobbit adaptations and historical epics, and there’s some serious gold bullion to be had in this medieval market.

Whoever mounts the role of William Thatcher is going to have some pretty big breast plates to fill, not because the original role or Ledger’s performance was by any means ground breaking stuff, but because Ledger’s posthumous legacy is so awesomely untouchable you just can’t even begin to compete, unless you’re either Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell or Jude Law, in which case –

– and this TV series is already off to a false start.