A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Actor Just Nixed That Very Dark Sansa Theory

SPOILER WARNING: This article discusses Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 9.

Okay, so last week’s bloodbath of an episode left everyone feeling three things:


2. Sansa. Holy wow. Queen in the goddamn North. 

3. Shitshitshitshitshit what if Sansa’s pregnant?

Indeed, there have been dark rumours circulating about Sansa Stark possibly being pregnant with Ramsay Bolton‘s child for some time now. As far as Game of Thrones theories go, it’s a pretty weak one, but it solidified (for want of a better word) further at the end of last episode, when a bloodied and tied-up Ramsay looked at her and said: “You can’t kill me. I’m part of you know.”

So, uh, what does it mean? As the old law of parsimony goes, the easiest answer is usually the correct one, and it’s quite likely that Ramsay was simply referring to the lingering trauma of abuse she has to deal with, while also taking credit for her transformation into a goddamn savage queen. (I abused you, I am part of you. Ugh, go jump in a lake, Ramsay.)

But a decent portion of the internet lost their goddamn minds with the possibility that Sansa could be up the duff, insofar as it is possible to be pregnant with the literal spawn of Satan.

So here’s some good news: that theory is (probably) dead.

Liam Cunningham, who plays the smuggler-turned-advisor Davos, laughed off the prospect of Sansa being pregnant.

“Unless [Ramsay] has got one of those ‘Game of Thrones’ pregnancy sticks, he’s not going to know,” he said, referring to Ramsay’s final line. “I think, I would imagine, it’s open to whatever you want it to be, but I think he’s saying he’s put himself into her head. That’s what I took from it. She’s never gonna get rid of him because of what he’s done to her. He knows what he’s done to her. It was off camera, what he was going to her, but we all know what it was. But I think he’s placed himself in her soul for all the wrong reasons.”

Was… was there a right reason to be placed in her soul? V. confusing, Davos. But good news about Sansa not being pregnant, now we may bask freely in her spine-tingling smile once more:

Source: Huffington Post.

Photo: HBO.