A Current Affair To Make On-Air Apology For Factually Inaccurate “All Asian Mall’ Story

Little separates the fear mongers at A Current Affair (Nine) and Today Tonight (Seven) who routinely provide us with some of the most obnoxious soul-destroying drivel on Australia television. Both race-to-the bottom bedfellows should be fired directly into the sun for making us ignorant, dumb and hateful, but in a shocking display of moral sensitivity making us think that one program is slightly less horrible than the other, ACA will soon publicly acknowledge how terrible it is.

The natural enemy of tradesmen, things that make people fat and pyramid schemes will tonight make an on-air apology after the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) found that the show had breached the media codes of practice over a story alleging that stores owned by Asian people were engulfing a shopping centre in Sydney’s north west (hint: they weren’t). 

The story, which featured an interview with balanced person without an agenda to push Pauline Hanson, was found to have breached specific codes relating to “inaccurate factual material”, “gratuitous emphasis on ethnic origin” and material “likely to provoke intense dislike and serious contempt on the grounds of ethnic origin”. Repentant of these indiscretions, ACA has decided to recant the story from the program’s website and express their deepest regrets to people who believe everything they see on ACA and to Asian people. But mostly Asian people. 

All we need now is Terrible Tonight to apologise for making us watch that story about young people who go out at night.
Via Mumbrella