You’ll never believe this one. Prepare to be shook. Are you sitting? Have you stopped operating heavy machinery? Are all hot drinks out of the way? Well, here’s the hot goss. Shitty, lazily written, poorly produced Christmas film The Princess Switch has a bunch of mistakes in it.


So in the movie, High School Musical alum Vanessa Hudgens plays two different characters, one of them being Stacy, a “commoner” from Chicago and Margaret, the gorgeous Duchess of Montenaro, complete with shonky British accent, god love her.

As there are a lot of scenes where both characters appear, the filmmakers obvs had to pull some sneaky manoeuvres to make it work but, shock horror, they fucked it up in (at least) a couple of scenes.

As reported by Someecards, an eagle-eyed fan pointed out that in a scene towards the end of the film, Stacey can be seen kissing her prince while doppelgänger Margaret seemingly watches on from the crowd.

Only the dipshits must’ve used up all the dough they had for the Parent Trap-esque editing technique and instead plucked out a random gal who looks abso-fucking-lutely nothing like Ness to stand in the crowd.


And that’s not all, folks.

“In the ‘snowball fight’ scene, the camera pans out and shows a number of pre-made snowballs in front of one of the character’s feet,” a fan pointed out, alongside the body double debacle.

“@netflix bruh…. Who edited The Princess Switch? There are multiple scenes that are off. And not even like a split second but the same mistake back to back,” another user wrote on Twitter. One of said mistakes includes Vanessa’s Om tatt which is visible in multiple shots.

“They forgot to cover up Vanessa Hudgens’s hand tattoo when she’s in character as a duchess with a questionable British accent lol,” one user wrote. Another added, “It’s crazy how Stacy and Duchess Margaret not only look exactly alike but also have the same tattoo!”

The latter revealed that the “fact that they forgot to cover up @VanessaHudgens’ ink for the duchess only makes me like #ThePrincessSwitch more.”

This movie is just the shitty Christmas gift that keeps on shitting. I mean giving.

Suss it out in all its glory on Netflix now.

Image: Netflix