A Bottle Of Maccas Special Sauce Is Drawing Insane Bids On eBay

In one of the ballsiest marketing stunts in recent memory, McDonald’s have taken some of the delicious goop that millions of people already eat on burgers every day, bottled it, and convinced people to bid insane amounts of money for it in an eBay auction.

The trademark Special Sauce, used on McDonald’s Big Mac burgers, is a riddle wraped in an enigma wrapped in a secret recipe wrapped in something that tastes a bit like Thousand Island dressing but is definitely not.
The special stuff has never been available separately … until now. McDonald’s Australia are currently selling off a 500ml bottle of special sauce, one in a limited, numbered edition of 200, and as we speak, it’s going for just over AU $23,000 on eBay.
The auction runs until next Wednesday February 11, at 9.00pm AEST, with proceeds benefiting the Ronald McDonald House charity. If upwards of $23,000 is too rich for your blood, then don’t worry, because this is just step one in a very elaborate viral campaign.
Per a press release we received from McDonald’s, “a Big

Mac Special Sauce vending machine will tour Australia in February and give Aussies the

chance to grab a free tub in return for a tweet.”

That sounds like some sinister shit and we’re not quite sure how it works but TBH, we would totally violate the sanctity of our social media accounts a dozen times over to try it out.
You’ll also be able to buy 25ml tubs o’ special sauce from Maccas stores around the country throughout February, and because they’ll be yours, you can dip whatever you want in them and/or spread it on whatever you damn well please. 
Things you can put it on include:
– Fries
– McNuggets
– Any number of other foods
– Yourself
– Another consenting adult
You’re already craving something salty, right? IT’S ALREADY WORKING.