A Blinky Bill Movie Is In The Works

In news springing from the most hallowed intersection of Things That Appeal To Gen Y Australians – Australiana and nostalgia – a six-part political drama series adapted from the best selling #AusPol novel The Marmalade Files, an Ian ‘Molly’ Meldrum drama series and a comedy set during the Cronulla race riots are among the dozen embryonic Australian film and TV projects announced to receive funding from Screen Australia this year but none of that matters because you only need to know about one of them: The Blinky Bill Movie.

According to Screen Australia: “An old favourite will be revived in The Blinky Bill Movie. From Greenpatch Productions, the film will reacquaint old and engage new audiences with the iconic Australian koala. The big-screen adaptation follows Blinky as he sets out to find his missing father and gathers friends, Nutsy and Jacko, along the way.”

Australian actor contractually obligated to remove at least one item of clothing for every two lines of dialogue spoken Ryan Kwanten (True Blood, Not Suitable For Children, Your Just Safe For Work Desktop Background) will voice Blinky. The film will be penned by Fin Edquist (House Husbands, McLeod’s Daughters), produced by Barbara Stephen and directed by former Tim Burton art director, Deane Taylor.

So, so pumped for this.