Even if you don’t actively engage with Channel Nine’s current season of experimental faux-relationship reality show ‘Married At First Sight’, you’ve no doubt heard one name floating around the water cooler/Twitter/whispered to you in a forest by opaque moonlight: that fucking Jonesy guy.

Hooooo boy, fuck THAT guy am I right? No seriously, please tell me if I’m right, I’m legitimately asking. I do not watch this show.

Appaz this guy, who also goes by the name Andrew, is a real piece of work my friends and on last night’s episode he really amped up his fuck-nuttery by telling his ~wife~ Cheryl that she was “full of shit”, condescendingly imitating her and in general being a bit of a misogynistic arsebag.

As is its want, Twitter went HAM on old mate, and here for your rage-joyment, are the best of the best of ’em:

Ok, I get it now. FUCK that guy.


Picture: Channel Nine / MAFS.