6 Web Pages you should but shouldn’t read.

Ash and I trawl through over 3000 blogs/feeds/web pages between us every day just to bring you guys the best/worst news worth reading. That’s a lot of wack fodder, especially considering how bad 90% of our sources are. Hence it’s pages like the ones below that make our job a little bit more enjoyable. They’re the breakers; the ones we click when our boredom rate starts to rise like Mt.Everest. In no particular order, here is 6 pages that you should but shouldn’t read.

We say should: because they’re mildy amusing, sometimes interesting and nearly always entertaining in their own quirky way.
We say shouldn’t: because 98% of time they offer little to no information and if anything they make you dumber / a worst person.

But hey we <3 them:

http://glahsez.com: Basically it’s your e-news for all things glasses. No one needs to know/read so much about glasses, but glahsez begs to differ. For some reason after a few weeks with G in your RSS you will be assuring your optometrist that you need specs.

http://hipstergirlsinmustaches.blogspot.com: CUTE.

http://www.sorryimissedyourparty.com: Everyone likes to get voyeuristic. SIMYP won’t get you inside Natasha Poly’s fridge or in the shower with Mark, but it will send you back to some of the happiest times in their subjects lives via flickr photos.

http://tuftsmania.com/blog: Tufts is probably the most known/read blog in this list. And notably the only “mp3 blog” to make the list. But primarily it’s essentially Hipster Runoff’s more clean cut little cousin.

http://bonerparty.tumblr.com: Photographic commentary made funny again.

http://mikezdick.blogspot.com: And lastly Mikez Dick aka the only Australian page to make the 5. MD is based around the lifestyle/genitalia of Mike Richards of hfc. fame. Some say he’s blessed, others just gasp. If any page is NSFW it’s this one.