5 Seconds Of Summer Finally Unleash The Music Video To ‘Youngblood’

Aussie lads, 5 Seconds of Summer have unleashed their music video for ‘Youngblood’ and it’s actually quite cool.

[jwplayer kZ1UKZzl]

Right from the get go we’re welcomed into the love story of a senior Japanese rock ‘n roll couple enjoying their golden years still absolutely in love with each other. After a nurse gives them a green pill each, the video leads us through a number of flashbacks (or something else) full of perfectly coiffed hair, leather jackets, and plenty of tatts.

You can catch the video, below:

I suddenly have the overwhelming urge to go to Japan.

There are plenty of fan theories as to how you can interpret the video so check out the YouTube comments to get right into it.

I point this out because fans are already kinda (a lot) confused by the music video and upset none of the band members are actually in it. This resulted in wee sweetie pie Michael Clifford posting a link to the video with the caption: “Since we’re in Japan, our official video for Youngblood is finally out. Watch this with an open mind and I promise you won’t be disappointed.” 

It’s all very interesting.

Back in May, the boys claimed the No. 1 spot on the ARIA Charts with ‘Youngblood’ making them the first Aussie act to take the throne since the Veronicas in 2016.

The lads scored their first-ever No. 1 ranking on the ARIA Charts way back in 2014 with the iconic She Looks So Perfect’ (standing there in her American Apparel underwear – the lyrics just keep coming, I can’t control it). The absolute tune sat on the throne for two glorious weeks, cementing the band into fanfics around the world.

You can stream, download, and get your hands on Youngblood, HERE.

There’s also an alternative version of Youngblood’s music video, released some time ago.

This one definitely has the lads in it: