50 Cent Blamed His Atrocious Ceremonial Pitch On Excessive Masturbation

In some regards we’re a little reluctant to be flooding everyone with constant news from the world of Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. But in other, more important ways, we’re not. Because Fiddy is just the gift that refuses to stop giving. Whether he’s sporting bling that his boys jacked for him while he was spitting hot fire at a rap show (editor’s note: potentially the whitest sentence ever written), or throwing out one of the all-time worst ceremonial opening pitches in baseball history, and then offering up nonsensical defence for it, he is truly a marvel of the modern news cycle; able to squeeze every last drop of publicity out of minor moments.

And it’s that baseball pitch that brings us back here again today. 50 did an AMA on Reddit where the questions ranged from why he’s accepting Bitcoin as payment for his new album (entitled Animal Ambition, out today) to what his favourite TV show was growing up (The Benny Hill Show, for those playing along at home. Says 50, “He was an idiot. Really funny.“) Eventually, someone brought up the intentional walk he threw whilst pitching the ceremonial first pitch at a recent New York Mets game. His answer? This.
Photo: Ben Gabbe via Getty Images.