5 Reasons Why The ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Movie Is Different

Sam Raimi made the first of his three Spider-Man movies less than ten years ago, so when Hollywood decided to make a whole new one from the start we were all “huh??!? Haven’t we been down this road before?!??” But then a friend of Pedestrian, comic book lover and lover of comic books (*cymbal*) Angus Truskett explained that the new movie Amazing Spider-Man (directed by Marc Webb and starring The Social Network‘s Andrew Garfield) is an entirely different beast to Raimi’s version because of the following five reasons:

1. Gwen Stacy is his squeeze, NOT Mary Jane (Gwen was his first girlfriend in the comics)
2. Rhys Ifans is playing the one-armed Dr. Curt Connors (played by Dylan Baker in Raimi’s trilogy) who eventually transforms into the film’s villain – The Lizard.
3. Webb’s film will focus more on Peter’s back story and his folks than Raimi’s (which didn’t at all), hinting that comic writer Brian Michael Bendis’ ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ will play a bit of an influence.
4. Much like his comic counterpart, Spidey will use man-made webshooters and NOT organic ones (blame James Cameron for this as he included it in his proposed early-90s script)
5. It has ‘Amazing’ in the title.

Make note of those things as you watch the first official trailer.