5 Of ‘Straya’s Biggest Bloggers Show Us Where The Magic[Dot]Com Happens

Another day, another dollar. Another year, another awards ceremony. Pedestrian’s teamed up with Intel to once again highlight the sublime talent of Australia’s blogosphere. The competition this year is on a whole new level – pitting the best-of-the best against each other. With the help of Intel, we’re curating content that’ll explore all things blogging. This will include things like tips on how to create your own platform, and how to deal with the h8rs. Get keen, y’all. It’s set to be, like, the best year yet (here’s hoping). 

Pedestrian is celebrating its 10th birthday with a very special, ~Best of the Best~ Blogster Awards, presented by Intel. We’ve been gathering the coolest digital influencers across the industry, and asking them to share with us all the things that help them create their content + let us have a cheeky peek at where the magic happens.  

Frankie Ratford, of The Design Kidsexplains the ins and outs of their inner sanctum:

“We use WordPress for our three sites (I feel like its the most flexible for what we want to do), social media wise we focus on the main three (Facebook for community, Twitter for information, Instagram for visuals), Slack for internal chats (great if we’re not in the same office/country – very likely), Campaign Monitor for newsletters (I think it’s good to support other Australians!), Fedora for our TDK online courses (they have a great platform, which makes my job really easy), and Google Docs for just about everything else. Thank god for Google Docs, honestly!”

Also, check out their FUCKING AWESOME camper-van office they’re using while traveling ‘Murica:
Australia’s beauty kweeeeeen, Chloe Morello, has ensured she’s equipped with everything necessary to be a 10.

“I use a Canon 70D with two different lenses, a 50mm for when I’m filming the close-ups of eye makeup, and a 24-105mm for everything else. I picked the 70D because it has a flip around viewfinder so I can see myself when filming and check I’m in frame and all that! I have two soft boxes to light up the background and a ring light that sits behind my camera to light me up! I learnt what works for my videos as I went along, so I want to do some kind of short course to find out properly what is actually best.”

Sarah Bahbah, of Raised By The Wolvestakes into consideration the pressure of fast turnarounds when it comes to shooting equipment:

“I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III and play around with several lenses, my favourite being the 50mm 1.2 Speedlite. Aesthetic comes from quality of content and post-production on Photoshop – I’ve developed my specific style over five years. I wish I could still shoot with film, but unfortunately high turn-around and demands for photos ‘yesterday’ doesn’t give me the capacity to :(“
In other news, her workspace is faboosh. 
Jessica Sepel, A.K.A JSHealth, keeps her loyal fans in mind when hitting the road:

“I use my computer and my iPad when I travel to connect with my followers and keep the blog up to date. We also use a camera to shoot my YouTube videos which is a really different way to connect compared to a traditional blog post – it’s something I’ve only just started doing, but I’m really loving it so far.”

Hobo Gestapo‘s Patrick Stevenson is all about the latest tech must-haves.
“I use a dual-monitor PC desktop that I built (WITH MY OWN TWO HANDS!) and I also have a Macbook laptop, for editing on the fly. 

My first phone was a Nokia, then I got an iPhone, then I got a Samsung and now I’ve settled on a HTC M9. Both Android and iOS have their pros and cons. 

I shoot on Nikon ‘coz they were the best at low-light when we first got into the game around 2007. The rest of the Hobo crew shot on Nikon, too, so we could borrow each others lenses – handy when lenses cost $2600+! But in saying that, I started shooting nightclubs on a Canon point-and-shoot camera. I hate Canon/Nikon/camera fanboys the most out of anyone.”

His workspace is all kinds of sweet:

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