If you remember the insanely entertaining days of Australian Who Dares Wins, you’ll probably remember two things. Firstly, Mike Whitney is and always has been a total boss, and secondly, he would roam around the streets asking people to do weird shit for cash.

In honour of Whitney and his amazing powers of persuasion, I’ve lovingly compiled the best 5 moments from Who Dares Wins for your viewing pleasure. Let the nostalgia wash over you like a cool, refreshing beer on this here Friday afternoon.

Getting thrown into the fucking harbour

Here’s old mate Mike wandering around Sydney Harbour offering folks 50 dollarydoos to let Australia’s strongest man hurl them into the drink. Most people just flat out refuse because the harbour is gross, but the middle-aged woman who agrees get’s absolutely wrecked folks. It’s amazing.

After her, everyone wants a bloody go. Into the water, losers.

Letting a bloke named Malcolm nunchuck a fucking apple out of your mouth

Now, they make it pretty clear that this Malcolm fella was trained by the same bloke who trained Bruce Lee, but I feel like agreeing to let a stranger, regardless of training, swing nunchucks around your face is a hard ask. But 50 bucks is 50 bucks, I guess.

Even the footage is fucking terrifying, look how close this shit gets to her. LOOK.

Letting Mike Whitney chop off your ponytail with a comically huge pair of scissors

I mean, it does what it says on the tin. Would you let Mike near you with those snippy bois for 50 bucks? Welp, someone did.

Side note: how good’s the haircut at 1:19?

Letting a woman jump off shopping centre railings of various heights

In this segment, Whitney offers a young woman $500 to jump off shopping centre floors of various heights onto a stunt mat, the highest being 10 metres. Young Mandy takes up the offer and is put through some training with a stunt safety supervisor.

It’s not the stunt itself that’s particularly crazy, it’s more the 300 people who would have been absolutely traumatised if Mandy fucked up the fall. But hey, she pulls it off.

Getting naked in front of Mike Whitney at the shops

Would you get inside a fucking doona cover and take all your clothes off for 50 bucks at the shops? People did it all the time in the 90s.

A young couple agrees to Whitney’s challenge for $50 each and wouldn’t ya know it, they bloody get the job done. After handing over a couple of crips notes, Mike make’s a very funny joke where he pretends to walk off with their clothes. “I told her you were a nice bloke,” the guy says. You can’t write this stuff, folks.

BONUS: This bloke’s certified red-hot haircut

It’s nigh on the freshest fucking do I’ve ever seen.

Image: Channel 7.