MySpace, the website on which you created your best version of your mid-2000s self via Blingees and embedded Fall Out Boy songs, has suffered a massive data breach, with millions of passwords leaking, probably including yours.

427 Million Old MySpace Passwords Have Leaked, Probably Including Yours

Per reports in Neowin, it is believed that the breach actually occurred some time ago, but it went unreported and undetected until recently, which seems sadly apt in the case of MySpace.

A data set containing approximately 427 million passwords, associated with 360 million email addresses, is currently for sale online. The discrepancy in numbers is thanks to the fact that some accounts used secondary passwords.

The breach, one of the largest ever recorded, has been blamed in part on MySpace’s “compromised and insecure” security functions. 

You can find out if you’ve been affected via Leaked Source’s online data search engine. Hopefully you are not still using petewentz69 as your password for anything important.  

Source: Neowin