4 People You Should Be 10x Nicer To During Christmas Because They The Real December MVPs

While many of us feel like we’re crawling through Christmas and into the new year, there are still those few people who seem to have their lives all the way together. If you’re extra lucky, they’ll even help you look like you do too.

Maybe they’re the friend who plans everyone in the group (all year ‘round, but particularly during the silly season). Or maybe they’re a friendly face in a store when you’re in a total tizzy trying to lock in all the gifts for your nieces and nephews and have no clue what kids even like.

This year, I’m making my life easier. It’s a fact that many of us are doing the bulk of our holiday shopping online this year (according to independent research recently commissioned by Amazon Australia, it’s around 70% of us), and I am no different. We’re all sitting on the couch at the end of the day (usually sans pants) and click our way into everyone’s good graces, one online cart at a time.

With a bit of prior planning, you can show up at Christmas lunch with a thoughtful gift that took you all of five minutes to order (no long carpark waits for you). But there are a lot of people who make it all possible, and it’s these December MVPs that are worthy of your extra love and adoration this month. Ahead, we tell you the exact people who deserve the extra TLC.

Your organised mate who plans a cracking Christmas lunch

We all have that one friend who has enough foresight to book a table at a restaurant for the friends Christmas lunch months in advance. I am not that person and I will never be that person, which is why I always appreciate my friend who’s far more organised than I. They’re the reason you’re out for a long lunch with a bunch of your favourite people, sitting at the best table in the house during peak season. So do the right thing and shower them in love.

The good folk delivering all of your internet shopping

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: Amazon delivery drivers deserve a big, fat thank you this year. Not only did they keep the world turning while the rest of us were locked upside our houses, but they’re also the reason your mum is getting a great gift this year, so show them an extra big smile next time they drop off your goods. So make like Paulette in Legally Blonde and thank your delivery driver for their hard work this season.

Let’s not forget about the people packing your internet shopping

Behind every delivery driver is a dedicated team of people packing your goodies. I know it’s not ~really~ possible to show the good people in the fulfilment centre your love in person but can we still just appreciate how they’re probably capping off the busiest year on record with the busiest time of year?

Consider this your gentle reminder that for every Amazon purchase you make, there’s a team of people working behind the scenes who picks, packs, and ships all of the lovingly selected presents for your fam this December. We don’t recommend you barge into the warehouses and give them a big hug and a heartfelt thank you, but they defs deserve it.

Retail workers who’ll still be manning the bottle-o on Christmas Day

There’s a real, tangible way you can show the hard-working retail workers a little bit of extra lovin’ this Christmas. Give them a lighter day on the public holiday by buying in advance. We all know that alcohol is a good gift for the in-laws, or the father who lives for whiskey from random distilleries in Scotland, or the work secret Santa.

Add it to your nighttime internet shopping blitz or pre-Chrissy shopping centre visit and be done with it. The retail workers will thank you when they can sit down and watch The Grinch behind the register on Christmas Day.