3 Million Watch The Block’s Sad Finale

Three million viewers from around Australia tuned in to observe the sad conclusion of Channel Nine’s renovation show The Block.

The properties that the four competing couples had been slaving over for the past several weeks all went up for auction but only one property found a buyer willing to bid higher than the reserve price.

First time renovators Polly and Waz took home the prize money of $100,000 plus a $15K profit off the sale of their house. The other contestants: youngest couple Josh and Jenna, sisters Katrina and Amie, and reno regulars Tania and Rod failed to sell their properties which means they took home NOTHING after busting their balls (and proverbial balls) for eight weeks.

The most rock bottom moment captured was when the grim reality hit Amie. When host Scott Cam asked the sisters how they felt about their house getting passed up she said: “it was just a waste of time really” before doing that jaw clenched-blinking-nostril flair expression that everyone does when they’re trying desperately not to cry. It was the second saddest moment of the whole episode.

Be strong Amie…

The number one saddest moment was when Josh and Jenna’s property failed to get even one proper bid (except for a wack opportunist in a pink suit) only moments after JOSH PROPOSED TO JENNA ON NATIONAL TELEVISION.

Will you marry me:

Poor old Jenna went from shedding tears of joy to tears of devastation, still clutching the blue Tiffany box from whence the engagement ring came. At least it was a giant diamond.

Engagement ring:

Only kidding. That’s the wrong hand. This is the real ring:

Real engagement ring:

Channel Nine is already prepping a 2012 season of The Block so if you’re up for eight weeks of hard labor with a likely chance of winning nothing at the end of it, you can apply now!

Via Mumbrella and news.com.au