There’s A Wild Twitter Page That Predicts What Will Happen In 2020 & It Sounds Scarily Legit

Can ya bloody believe there’s only 13 days left of 2019? THIRTEEN?

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And because a whole lot of shit went down over the last 12 months, punters are wondering what the next year, the first of the new decade, holds for us.

Well lucky for you curious folk, there’s a Twitter account making a bunch of predictions for the new year and honestly, a lot of them sound pretty damn plausible to me.

Let’s have a little gander at the best ones, shall we?

Another Drake scandal

Less Kardashians

More Jenner

Apple vs Samsung

Female-led GTA

New Windows

We’ll FINALLY get that long-awaited new RiRi album plus a tour

Rrrrriiiiissssseeeeee and shiiiiiiiiiiinnnnneeeee

Coffee killer

Mo reboots, mo problems

There’s a bunch more wild predictions so head on over to 2020 predicts to suss ’em out.