We’ve been relishing in wholesome 90’s nostalgia since the Friends reunion came out, but unfortunately, good things never last – the Star Magazine made sure of that, when it released some extremely cursed computer-manipulated images of what it believed the Friends cast would look like in 20 years.

Feast your eyes on this truly demented 2004 magazine spread that shows what the Friends cast would apparently look like in 2024.

I just… this is so fucking brutal and I have far too many questions.

First of all, who approved this?? Who looked at this and thought yes, the world needs to see this? I don’t know what’s worse, the idea that this could’ve been a snarky, mean ploy to mock the cast – or that they genuinely thought the image was impressive enough to be called ‘computer magic.’

Probably the most offensive part of this spread is Matthew Perry‘s face serving Alan Jones realness. Honestly, this feels like a hate crime and I’d sue for damages.

Giggles aside, I think this absolutely cooked magazine spread is a reminder of how cruel, fat-phobic and ageist tabloid media can be to celebrities. Star Magazine really just changed the cast’s hair colour to grey, made them ‘comically’ fat (ugh), and then called it ‘computer magic.’ It’s funny now, but also kind of sad, and I’m sure it contributed to the shitty body image ideas that were the norm of the 2000s.

I will admit, however, that there is a somewhat remotely accurate detail in this extremely evil and cursed picture, and that is the fact that Matt Le Blanc is in a pinstriped button up – something that is actually pretty on brand, bless him.

The joke’s really on Star Magazine though, because the only thing that aged badly here was this photoshop.