Filming for the surprise ‘Love Actually‘ sequel has begun, and the turtlenecks – they’re back, baby!

Richard Curtis‘ iconic 2003 film – the one that taught us important life lessons like ‘there’s a turtleneck for every occasion’ and ‘no one wants to fuck a crybaby’ – is copping a mini-sequel for Red Nose Day, revisiting several of the main characters to see what they’ve been up to these last 14 years or so.

And director of Red Nose Day, Emma Freud, shared a few photos from the first day of filming on Twitter, and they’re enough to make your cold cynical heart believe in love again.

(Or at least, they’ll remind you why we all loved the movie in the first place before a) it got played to death every single Christmas and b) we all realised that Mark declaring his love for Juliet via signs is creepy as shit, actually.)

But we digress. SET PHOTOS! 

Here’s Olivia Olsen a.k.a. Joanna, the American that starred in the school concert then left for Heathrow like two seconds later. (Because she was moving to the States. To LIVE. I’m sorry but what kind of family is that freaking organised.)

She’s 24. Feel old yet?

Oh yeah, and who do we have here? Just Liam Neeson looking like he’s aged approximately one hour since ‘Love Actually’ finished filming, and his step-son Sam a.k.a. Thomas Brodie-Sangster, who is looking all bloody grown-up.

Sam/Thomas, 26, is also looking *extremely* English. He would not look out of place plonked in a Costworlds farmhouse with a misshapen cup of tea and muddy wellies resting outside the door.

Oh yeah, they recreated the iconic ‘sitting by the Thames on a bench talking about love‘ scene, and all of this is looking too perfect for words.

Is Sam telling his step-dad that he’s thinking of proposing to Joanna? Is he laughing about how he definitely would be arrested for pulling that airport stunt in today’s world? Could go either way, tbh.

That’s it for the pics so far, but in equally important news, ‘Love Actually 2’ is apparently being written on-the-fly.

Got any plot ideas? Need to see Emma Thompson vindicated, even if – *sob*Alan Rickman is no longer around to witness the vindication? Reckon stalker Mark needs a dressing down by every single character for his whack behaviour? Think Hugh Grant should be biffed by the President of the United States of America for repeatedly calling his very normal sized girlfriend “fat”?

Send ’em Emma’s way.

Photo: Twitter / Emma Freud.