Accio The First Footage Of Aussie ‘Harry Potter & The Cursed Child’ Rehearsals

Look! It’s here, right now! You are a wizard, Harry.

Anyway, rehearsals have kicked off for the first Aussie production of the super successful Harry Potter-as-an-adult play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

The whole cast was revealed back in September, featuring Gareth Reeves (he’s a NZ theatre guy, you don’t know him) as Harry, Gyton Grantley (Underbelly, House Husbands, you know the guy) as RonPaula Arundell (she’s big in Aussie theatre) as Hermione, and Lucy Goleby (mid-tier theatre guys, theatre) as Ginny. Oh and Tom Wren (Winners & Losers) is Malfoy. Also someone I did not realise copped a part until I saw these pics, but we don’t yet know what the role is: Debra Lawrence (Josh‘s mum in Please Like Me, a fkn incredible role played perfectly). They’ve got a whole slew of young gun Aussie theatre types in as their kids too.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child have brought out the first images and a little vidya (above) from rehearsals in Melbourne, featuring the main cast gushing about the opportunity to help craft an Aussie version of the smash-hit two-part long-as-hell play (srsly, you’ll be there from 2pm until like 11 if you decided to see it all in one day, which they recommend). They also say what they’re up to which is they’ve read it together, as a gang, and started talkin’ about their characters.

Grantley is geeeeeeed, and also probably quite hungry: “Just getting a tiny taste this week has been wonderful. And now you just wanna eat the entire banquet, and there’s such a big banquet to eat.

Initial stages of rehearsals are so exciting!

Image source: Tim Carrafa.

Image source: Tim Carrafa.

Image source: Tim Carrafa.

Anyway, you can see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child apparently all year at Princess Theatre – yep, you can buy a ticket for both parts for up to $175 a part – if you wanna be fancy – for dates up until November 3 HERE, although tix are extremely limited until August. Remember: production starts in January. That is a long fkn time to be performing one play.

Godspeed magical people.