People Magazine has announced the 2012 Sexiest Man Alive and it is NOT Ryan Gosling – it’s Channing Tatum! This year has been fairly Tatum-heavy as he successfully crossed over from being the requisite buff dude in Nicholas Sparks military-romance adaptations and the lead of (excellent) B-Grade hiphop dance movies, into a bona fide leading man with his roles in 21 Jump Street and Magic Mike, in which, yes, he was SEXY. Weird, because male strippers are not usually sexy, but there is something about that dance sequence where Channing Tatum wears an unusual black harness-type outfit and swivels his hips like a Mister Whippy dispensing machine that made me more aware of having a uterus than I have ever been.

Congratulations for being sexy, Channing Tatum. Now I am pleased to present 17 GIFs of Channing Tatum being sexy.

What a coincidence – I also love you stripping.

This is fine:

Good heavens.

Amanda Seyfried should die then he becomes MY boyfriend who goes to war and almost dies and has a dad with Aspergers who is obsessed with lasagne.

I know.

“Fuck you Science”

Young Channing Tatum in cut off vest.

Just watched this for about 27 minutes straight.

I like the part where he does the thing on the floor.

Q: Can watching this make you pregnant?