Netflix Shares First ’13 Reasons Why’ S3 Trailer & Reveals S4 Will Be The Final Season

Netflix just dropped the first season 3 trailer for controversial teen drama series 13 Reasons Why and announced that the fourth season will be its last.

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Season 3 will pick up eight months after the events of the previous season and will focus on Clay (Dylan Minnette), Tony (Christian Navarro), Jessica (Alisha Boe), Alex (Miles Heizer), Justin (Justin Foley), and Zach (Ross Butler) as they struggle to handle the burden of the cover-up together while Tyler (Devin Druid) makes his recovery.

But when a heavy Homecoming game ends with the disappearance of a football player, Clay finds himself the target of the cops while the group tries to keep their secret hidden.

“I need to know what happened to my son,” Harper’s mother says in the clip, while addressing his schoolmates at what appears to be his funeral.

“If any of you know anything please say something,” she adds.

Season 3 will debut on August 23 and will consist of 13 episodes.

Catch the trailer below:

The international streaming giant also announced that production for the fourth and final season is well underway.

The finale will focus on the students at Liberty High as they graduate from high school, PEOPLE reveals.