12 Things Guaranteed To Kick You Real Hard In The Nostalgic Feels

Between the hell that is the Trump administration, and our own housing affordability issues on the home front, 2017 is a bit eh. Don’t get us wrong, there’s a heap of great things going on every day, but when you stack this year against those of yore – well, we know who wins.

Yes, the cool trends / foods / people / music from our formidable years supersede their respective replacements in the modern age. There’s a few that don’t obviously (ain’t nobody got time to be living without an iPhone), but whatever. The stuff that was going down 10-15 years ago is where it’s at.

If you’re keen for a kick in the nostalgic feels to subsequently escape (albeit in an imaginative sense) the so-so vibe of 2017, then check out the below.

1. Aggressively being told not to steal things like cars and such.

2. Smile-producing Potato Smiles.

Photo: YouTube

3. The best sunglass-wearing musician of all time, Anastacia.

4. Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian’s tumultuous relationship.

Photo: PhotoNews International Inc. / Getty

5. GoldenEye 007, the best Nintendo game of all time.

6. Care Bears, because caring is caring.

7. The musical stylings of Hanson.

8. Having dessert for mains at Sizzler.

9. Stuffing as many Nerds in ya mouth as possible.

10. Reading, and subsequently artistically expressing, The Rainbow Fish.

11. These rogue sticky hands that were a staple of all toy-based show bags.

12. Letting one of these bad boys RIPPPP.

God, those were the days. Keen to cop an even more severe kick in the nostalgic feels? Hit up your nearest Donut King to feel like a kid again / make your day a little bit more fun. You can suss locations HERE. OR, YOU COULD ENTER THE BELOW COMPETITION TO NO JOKE WIN A YEAR’S SUPPLY OF DONUTS:


We’re rooting for ya.