PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Stan to celebrate the launch of the brand new Twin Peaks (streaming exclusively on Stan). Together, we transformed a Gelato Messina in Sydney into the show’s Double R Diner and gave away show-themed flavours for free all day. Get keen, Melbourne. We’re coming for you. Keep reading to find out more.

ICYMI: David Lynch‘s Twin Peaks has launched a new season. This is not a drill, people. THIS IS NOT A FKN DRILL.

Given how ‘yuuuuuuuuuge this is for fans young and old, Newtown‘s Gelato Messina opened its doors and allowed it to be transformed into the show’s iconic Double R Diner. Like, punters were even treated to the sultry sounds of a live pianist to set the mood (which would’ve been set anyway given how many folks got dressed up). Pretty cool, hey? It spent the day dishing out free, show-themed flavours as well as giving the first 50 Log Lady lovin’ fans to arrive there a special treat. 

fulfilling my dream of attending the Double R Diner in Twin Peaks ???? #twinpeaksonstan

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me being a total dork serving #loglady realness because I love #twinpeaks #twinpeaksonstan #gelatomessina

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Thanks @stanaustralia and @pedestriantv for having me down to the Double R Diner last night for a damn fine cup of coffee (and a neverending loop of Badalamenti tunes). This was a stroke of genius, @jordanajohnson !

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If you’re reading this in Melbourne and thinking, “Why, oh why, can’t someone replicate this undeniably awesome thing closer to home?!” then gird your cones. Messina in Richmond will be doing the exact same thing TODAY (May 25). It’ll be open from 12PM until 4PM, then 5PM until 10PM (or until they run outta stock). 

Just like Sydney, the first 50 fans there will score themselves something a lil’ special that may / may not be as tasty as Norma’s (*winks slyly*). You should probably just get on your bike and ride, but if you wanna check out the deets for the special event, then head HERE.

Don’t forget the only place you can catch the brand new Twin Peaks is over on Stan, so get on over there and sign up for your 30-day free trial and start the binge.

Photo: Sam MacDonald / WeAreHobo / Supplied.