Over 1000 Danish Youth Charged With Sharing Teen Sex Video On FB Messenger

More than one thousand young people have been charged by police in Denmark for sharing an explicit video via Facebook Messenger.

The video in question consisted of two 15-year-olds engaging in intercourse. The age of consent in Denmark is in fact 15, but much like in Australia, sharing intimate imagery of anyone under 18 is a crime.

Danish police have said the act is akin to the distribution of child pornography, which carries a six-year jail sentence, although the more likely outcome would be a fine or a 20-day suspended sentence.

If found guilty of any charge, the 1000+ young people would be placed on a ten-year-long child offenders registry, limiting travel and work opportunities.

The news is a strong reminder of ensuring your actions online (even in private groups such as Facebook Messenger chats) are not problematic in any sense, but especially when it comes to the law and the sharing of intimate imagery.

Any young Aussies that come across something suss or worrying online, we recommend hitting up the Aus Government’s e-safety site. Talking to the ABC, e-safety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant says:

Obviously we want young people to know if they come across image-based abuse they should not on-share it. They should either report it to the site on which they see it or they can come to the e-safety office at esafety.gov.au. We’ve got an image-based abuse reporting tool, we can help to get the content taken down and we can help the victims recover.

Stay smart, safe and respectful out there fam.