Check out this little champ. Despite being born without feet, Gabriel Muniz has attracted world wide attention for his skills with the round ball. Speaking to Reuters, Muniz’s coach Jose Lopes explained “When he arrived here no one believed in him but he proved to everyone he can go head to head with any boy. So much so that he was invited to go to Spain to showcase his talent.” The invitation in question came from Spanish Football giants Barcelona who have invited him to meet his idol Lionel Messi.

Fittingly, while the Paralympics are taking place, Muniz intends to make the most of his time in the spotlight as Jose explains “To this day there isn’t a Paralympics 11-a-side football team but Gabriel is showing this will have to change because he wants to play 11-a-side football”. It’s kids like this that remind me how lazy I really am and how the “I’ve got two left feet” call can’t excuse my terrible moves on the d-floor. Respect.