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The Northern Territory is hands down the unsung hero of Australia. It’s everything tourists picture when they think Down Under – crocs, waterfalls, dirt roads that stretch for an alarmingly long distance and friendly locals down for a bev. Plus, who could forget that it provided the backdrop for Crocodile Dundee, the first Aussie movie to properly put us on the map.

As Tanya Hennessy, the quick-witted internet personality and a key player in Bachelor In Paradise: Unpacked learned, there’s never a dull moment in the ol’ NT.

This feels like the most Australian Australia, if you know what I mean? Like, it feels the most authentic. There’s no hipsters. Except for the guy who’s filming of course,” Tanya quips.

Tanya copped the adventure-side of the NT (to her initial chagrin), and while our idea of feeding her to the crocs didn’t go down all too well, she was well up for everything else we threw her way and eventually found the beauty in Australia’s famous outback.

We’ve also taken the liberty to outline all of the activities below for your convenience.

Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruise

You haven’t done the NT properly until you’ve watched in horror as mega crocs leap from the murky river to devour some delicious and nutritious animal carcass. It’s both fascinating and blood-curdling levels of terrifying all at once.

Located just one hour away from Darwin on the Arnhem Highway, the entire experience will make you insanely grateful for your limbs and will undoubtedly make you apprehensive about swimming in any body of water ever again.

Airborne Solutions

Heavens to Betsy, would you take a look at that view? Absolutely insane.

Airborne Solutions offer a few different helicopter adventures, but none come as close to the Heli Pub Crawl, perhaps the most extra pub crawl in existence. Yes, you literally fly in a helicopter to different pubs. BYO red carpet.

You can check out the other extra af trips here, including Heli Fishing and a Romantic Sunset Getaway if you really wanna ham it up.

Goat Island Pub

If you haven’t heard of Kai, the owner of the Goat Island pub, you’re severely missing out. He’s arguably the most Australian Dane that ever existed, and his dog, affectionately named Dumb Blonde (at least we think it’s affection?) is a badass bitch. No pun intended.

Dumb Blonde has a habit of attacking crocs about 70,000 times larger than herself which is the bravest, stupidest hobby we’ve perhaps ever heard. But hey, she’s still alive and kicking, so who are we to judge?

Outback Cycling & The Alice Springs Telegraph Station

Those of you with young’ns might have to take a beat and explain to them what a telegraph actually is, but once you ride to the Alice Springs Telegraph Station, there’s a quaint little café to refuel and down as much water your body will allow before you continue on with your adventure.

Outback Cycling offer a coupla options, including tours of Alice Springs and Uluru, but if you’re into the more lax side of cycling, you can hire out a bike and pedal as much or as little as you want. No one’s gonna say anything to you if you ride for five minutes before taking a cheeky three-hour nap in the shade. Personally, that’s the only way I even consider cycling.

If Tanya’s hectic trip has inspired you to explore more of your own backyard, you can find out more info and plan your trip here.

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