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Most of us have memories of desperately wishing for something as a kid, but for whatever reason, our parents never got it for us. It was the classic stitch-up to end all stitch-ups.

Now’s your chance to air your grievances – just explain to us what you wanted as a kid and why, and you could score a retro polaroid camera (there are two up for grabs).


If your memory isn’t as tip-top as it once was and you honestly can’t remember what you wanted as a kid, feel free to borrow some ideas from Disney’s Aladdin.

Did you want to date Jasmine? Become a fake prince? Cruise around on a magic carpet? Any of those reasons would fly for us, we’re not super picky about who we hand out polaroid cameras to so feel free to use your imagination.

A musical monkey, perhaps?
A musical monkey, perhaps?

Personally, if I was Aladdin, I would’ve made my three wishes way more simple (I’m not the best at faking anything so I would’ve cracked like an egg as soon as Jasmine questioned me about my prince-status).

In no particular order:

  • Wish #1: make Agrabah a royalty-free zone, so there’d be no princesses to woo.
  • Wish #2: give myself the Midas touch, but instead of gold, everything turns into bread. Boom, poverty solved.
  • Wish #3: Free Genie because he deserves better. But then also, make him hang out with me for the rest of my life because I’m ever so lonely.

See? Easy, I would’ve solved the world’s problems in three quick steps.

If none of my wishes made sense to you, I’m assuming you haven’t seen Disney’s Aladdin yet which is really the only crime against humanity worth worrying about.

Cop the trailer below:

And please do me a favour, go and watch the entire flick on Blu-Ray, DVD or Digital right now. Get on my level, there’s nothing worse than discussing one of your fave movies with someone who hasn’t seen it.


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Image: Disney